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New for later summer 2023, this wheel combines the competition-proven robustness of the Colson Performa Wheel with a custom hub for seamless integration into the MK4 and MK4i Swerve Modules. The result is a setup that provides extended wear life and a simplified replacement process.

Colson Performa Wheels have been used extensively in BattleBots and FIRST Robotics Competitions, including at the championship level. The durable co-injection molded construction of a thermoplastic elastomer tread permanently bonded to a polyolefin core helps ensure the wheel can withstand the rigors of robot competitions, while being friendlier to non-carpeted surfaces.

The unique hub design in conjunction with the custom Colson Wheel eliminates the additional tolerance stack-up introduced by the molded wheel at the hub/wheel interface. This integration results in a hard screw joint robustly clamping against the aluminum hub while accurately securing the wheel.

Wheel, Colson, 4"OD x 1.5"W (MK4/4i)

מחירהחל מ- 140.00 ₪
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