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The Kraken X60 is a high-power, high-performance motor developed by WestCoast Products to bring elite performance in a robust package to FRC teams. The Kraken X60 has a number of features that set it apart from other brushless motors in the FRC market, including:

  • 1100+W peak power* (413W @40amp)
  • 6,000RPM
  • 87% max efficiency (@30A)*
  • Greater than 84% efficiency between 15A-40A
  • 7+Nm stall torque*
  • New SplineXS shaft (8mm OD Spline Shaft)
  • Non-replaceable output shaft
  • Versatile mounting options
  • 60mm Diameter
  • Robust mechanical design

*= Using trapezoidal commutation

Powered by Talon FX, the Kraken X60 uses CTR Electronics' latest brushless motor controller technology integrated into the back. Not only do you get the power and performance of a Kraken X60, but you also get a motor that seamlessly integrates with CTR's software and hardware ecosystem.

  • Compatible with Phoenix Pro
  • Modular Wiring
  • High Resolution Encoder with 0.18 degree precision integrated into the product

Kraken X60 Powered by TalonFX

מק"ט: WCP-0940
1,200.00 ₪מחיר
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