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This semicircle spacer shifts the Kraken X60 and NEO Vortex motors down slightly (1/16") in the MK4i Swerve Module to ensure proper thread depth engagement of the motor mounting screws for those motors specifically. It is not needed for the Falcon 500 and NEO motors, or any motor configuration of the MK4 Swerve Module.

Two semicircle spacers are included (one for each motor), and the spacer goes between the screw spacers and motor.

Please note the MK4i Swerve Modules, MK4 to MK4i Conversion Kits, and MK4i Pinion Gear Kits include the semicircle spacers when configured for the Kraken X60 or NEO Vortex motor.


Material: 6061-T6

Weight: 0.01 pounds

Spacer, Semicircle, 2.000 BC x 0.063 Th [2-pack]

50.00 ₪מחיר
כולל מע״מ
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