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The REV Robotics 2m Distance Sensor uses the ST Microelectronics VL53L0X Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser-ranging module to measure distances up to 2 meters with millimeter resolution. Unlike other ranging sensors that rely on the intensity of reflected light, this sensor can measure how long it takes for the light to bounce back, the "time of flight." This results in much more accurate measurements that are independent of the target's reflectance. FTC legal for the 2018-19 season.


  • Measurement Range: 5cm - 200cm
  • Measurement Resolution: 1mm
  • Field of View: 25°
  • Laser Type: 940nm (IR) Class 1
  • Sensor Type: I2C
  • I2C Address: 0x52
  • Voltage Range: 3.3V - 5.0V
  • Max. Operating Current: 40mA
  • Dimensions: 39.4mm x 16.5mm x 15mm
  • Mounting holes: 2 x M3 holes on 32mm pitch

Kit Contents

  • QTY 1 – 2m Distance Sensor
  • QTY 1 – Cable, 4-pin JST PH, 30cm

2m Distance Sensor

מק"ט: REV-31-1505
174.00 ₪מחיר
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