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The NEO 550 Brushless Motor is the newest member in the NEO family of brushless motors. Its output power and small size are specifically designed to make NEO 550 the perfect motor for intakes and other non-drivetrain robot mechanisms. Mounting holes and pilot match a standard 550 series motor, making it natively mount to many existing off-the-shelf gearboxes.

NEO 550 has been optimized to work with the SPARK MAX Motor Controller to deliver best-in-class performance and feedback. Brushless motors like the NEO 550 can ONLY be driven using brushless motor controllers, and will be damaged if used incorrectly. Currently the only FRC legal brushless motor controller is the SPARK MAX.

NEO 550 Brushless Motor

מק"ט: REV-21-1651
165.00 ₪מחיר
כולל מע״מ
    • Mounting features match 550 series DC motors
    • Out-runner construction
      • Rotor housing compatible with REV Motion Pattern - Mount metal Gears, Sprockets, and Pulleys
    • Front and rear ball bearings
    • High temperature neodymium magnets
    • High-flex silicone motor wires
    • Integrated motor sensor
      • 3-phase hall sensors
      • Motor temperature sensor
  • The following specifications for the NEO 550 Brushless Motor are measured with the SPARK MAX Motor Controller configured with its default settings.

    • Nominal Voltage: 12 V
    • Motor Kv: 917 Kv
    • Free Speed: 11000 RPM
    • Free Running Current: 1.4 A
    • Stall Current: 100 A
    • Stall Torque: 0.97 Nm
    • Peak Output Power: 279 W
    • Motor Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
    • Hall-Sensor Encoder Resolution: 42 counts per rev.
    • Mounting Holes: M3 x 0.5 - max screw engagement 0.20in (5mm)
    • Output Shaft Diameter: 0.125in (3.175mm)
    • Output Shaft Length: 0.267in (7mm)
    • Output Pilot: 0.512in (13mm)
    • Body Length: 1.752in (44.5mm)
    • Body Diameter: 1.378in (35mm)
    • Motor Phase Wires
      • Length: 150mm (5.91in)
      • 14AWG
    • Sensor Cable
      • Length: 300mm (11.81in)
      • 24AWG
    • Weight: 0.142kg (0.313lbs)
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