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NOCO Genius Gen Series 5A 1 and 3 bank Battery Charger
This charger is a must have tool for competition robotics teams and hobbyists using 12-volt lead-acid (flooded, gel, AGM) or lithium-ion batteries. NOCO chargers charge batteries to 100% specific gravity every charge, and are able to adjust current in the absorption and finish stages based on the battery's communication with the charger.

There are up to 3 unique charging banks included in these chargers, meaning that you can charge up to three batteries at a time. Each bank has a capacity of 5 amps. This charger supplies a safe amperage level to charge 12V lead acid batteries quickly. The charger is engineered for occasions which need a charging system that may require the battery to be left on the charger for days at a time.

We have installed your choice of SB50 and SB120 connectors on each of the charging circuits, which makes this charger ready for FRC robot batteries right out of the box. 

Ensure that the batteries have had sufficient time to cool before charging. Neglecting this step may be detrimental to the longevity and overall performance of the batteries.


  • Dependable, rugged construction and waterproof
  • Independent outputs and fully automatic
  • Battery repair mode
  • Approved and meets ISO 8846 Marine standards
  • LED lights indicate Each Batteries state of charge
  • Reverse polarity protected and no installation restrictions
  • Ignition protected (US Coast Guard 33 CFR 183.410)
  • FCC 15 Parts A and B Interference Compliant



  • Cable Length: 6 ft. (all cables)
  • Fuses Used: 7.5 MINI Blade Fuse
  • Input: 120-240 VAC

NOCO Battery Charger

מק"ט: am-4968_3
1,800.00 ₪מחיר
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