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Product Overview

The AndyMark Robot Competition Table is finally here. Since 2004, AndyMark has provided innovative products and services for the competition robotics community. With our staff's decades of experience participating in and volunteering for the FIRST ® LEGO® League Program, combined with our engineering expertise, AndyMark has designed and manufactured a 3-piece table design that can be easily stored and transported while maintaining the robustness found in many DIY plywood designs.

This table is suitable for use in the FIRST LEGO League Robot Game.

This table was designed in collaboration with Jay Kinzie.

Design Features:

New and improved version includes smooth black laminated playing surface. No painting required! 

The AndyMark Table meets all of the core design requirements of an Official Table to be used in the FIRST LEGO League Challenge program.

  • Safe for adults and students to compete and practice
  • Robust enough for students and small robots to interact with surfaces without damage
  • Sizing matches current 4ft x 8ft FIRST LEGO League Challenge table specifications and plywood design
  • Provides a flat, black surface for robots to drive on
  • Provides a uniform wall profile for robots to interact with that matches current FLL Challenge specifications
  • Works well as a single table for practice and also side-by-side for tournaments

In addition to the core design requirements, the AndyMark Table has additional features that have been developed through listening to input from the robotics community that makes this a great improvement over the plywood DIY tables.

  • Quickly disassembles into three sections for easy storage at home, in a classroom, or between tournaments
  • Sections fit into small vehicles for transportation
  • Sections are able to be carried by one adult or two students (each section weighs about 22lb) 
  • Critical parts stay together after initial assembly to ensure a consistent playing surface
  • One Phillips head screwdriver (four screws) needed to reassemble sections for use
  • The bolted design allows for walls to be adjusted to ensure they are always in the correct location

    For Tournament Play:

    • Designed for use on a standard 8ft banquet table
    • Integrated latches securely hold two tables together in all directions

    Design Specifications:

    • Extruded black ABS (plastic) sidewalls
      • Robust and lightweight
      • Maintains color when scratched or dented
    • Lightweight MDF playing surface
      • Rigid and flat
      • Smooth surface
      • Black laminate top surface
    • Utilizes common easy-to-find hardware
    • CNC manufactured at AndyMark HQ in Indiana, USA


    Individual Components:

    Robot Competition Table

    מק"ט: am-4400a
    2,000.00 ₪מחיר
    כולל מע״מ
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