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Help your robot find its way with the goBILDA® Odometry Pod! It’s a precisely-designed sensor that ups the accuracy of localization when your robot operates autonomously.

The goBILDA® Odometry Pod

Thanks to the ingenuity of the goBILDA® R&D team, this pod innovates to a higher level than comparable alternatives. The goBILDA® Odometry Pod:

  • Uses clever internal packaging in place of the gears often seen in odometry systems and encoders, resulting in smoother rotation and eliminating the possibility of backlash.
  • Comes with all the supporting components required to attach the pod to your robot.
  • Arrives with the pod itself fully assembled, freeing up your time for working on the code and implementation that’ll ace your autonomous operations.
  • Is designed with a 43mm width for easy integration with 1120 Series U-Channel.
  • Rocks a 48mm diameter wheel that excellently fits within channel, rotates under your chassis, and overcomes small obstacles—and paired with the high resolution encoder, the wheel delivers enough data to be incredibly precise, while not sending so much that your controller risks missing steps.

The Product Insights show the recommended mounting location and spring tension for a chassis that is as out-of-the-box as this pod. If your chassis has been changed according to your innovative and/or unorthodox implementation, you may need to adjust your mounting or spring tension to ensure accurate tracking.

Odometry Pod (43mm Width, 48mm Wheel)

מק"ט: 3110-0001-0001
480.00 ₪מחיר
כולל מע״מ
  • This pod was designed with FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams, chassis, and—most importantly—FTC fields in mind. The wheel pairs perfectly with the soft tiles that teams must drive on. It can be used on other surfaces, but we recommend verifying its effectiveness before implementing it in operations beyond FTC fields.

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