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The REV Robotics Expansion Hub is an affordable hardware controller which can communicate with any computer, including Android tablets/phones and the REV Robotics Control Hub. The Expansion Hub is loaded with hardware interface options to enable driving motors and servos, interfacing with sensors, and communicating with other devices via several protocol options.  

The Expansion Hub incorporates ESD and reverse polarity protection and is purpose built to stand up to the rigors of use in the classroom or on the competition field. In addition to the built in protections, the Hub also features keyed and locking connectors to prevent connection problems in the heat of competition and is fully field upgradable so your hardware can always run the most up-to-date firmware. 

Expansion Hub Warranty and Repairs

We strongly recommend reviewing the REV Robotics Warranty and Returns Policy, including the Expansion Hub Repair portion. Please contact if you suspect your Expansion Hub is in need of repair.

REV Hub Interface Software

The REV Hub Interface is a beta piece of software which allows for direct connection to your REV Expansion Hub and its peripherals from your Windows PC.

This interface provides a method for teams to prototype with motors, servos, and sensors in a way that is faster and easier than setting up an entire robot control system. It is also a valuable troubleshooting tool that can help isolate the cause of an issue and determine if it is electrical or software related. The Expansion Hub firmware can also be updated through this interface in addition to the Robot Controller Application.

Download and Installation Instructions can be found here: REV Hub Interface Software Download and Installation Instructions

Firmware Update - 1.8.2

It is highly recommended that you update the firmware on your REV Expansion Hub to the latest version.

The latest firmware and update instructions can be found here: Expansion Hub Firmware and Update Instructions


  • Physical Dimensions
    • 143mm X 103mm X 29.5 mm 
    • Mounting holes on a 16mm spacing
  • Actuator interfaces
    • 4 - DC motor ports with built-in encoder ports
      • Control position and velocity of DC motors
    • 6 - Servo motor ports
      • Small and easy to control actuators
  • Sensor and device interfaces
    • 8 - Digital input/output ports
    • 4 - Analog input ports
    • 4 - Independent I2C ports
    • 1 - Internal 9-axis IMU (Devices shipped after December 1, 2021 no longer feature an IMU)
  • Additional expansion interfaces
    • 2 - RS485 ports
      • Connect additional Expansion Hubs to add more actuator and sensor ports

Learn more about the Expansion Hub in our Product Brief

Kit Contents

  • QTY 1 - Expansion Hub
  • QTY 1 - XT30 Extension Cable, 30cm
  • QTY 1 - 3-pin JST PH Cable, 30cm

REV Robotics Expansion Hub

מק"ט: REV-31-1153
1,470.00 ₪מחיר
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