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Drive in any direction with the Strafer® Chassis Kit! It utilizes mecanum wheels with diagonal rollers that allow it to drive sideways and diagonally in addition to conventional skid-steer style steering. It also features high-torque 312RPM planetary motors, ball bearing mecanum wheels, and everything else you need to make a rigid, low profile, extensively modifiable chassis you can reconfigure in any direction.

Strafer® Chassis Kit (96mm Mecanum Wheels)

מק"ט: 3209-0001-0006
2,600.00 ₪מחיר
כולל מע״מ
  • At first glance, you might wonder: where are the motors? Flip the chassis over to see four 312RPM 5203 Series Planetary Gear Motors seated cozily within its channel frame. These motors drive steel miter gears and heavy duty hub-shafts riding on ball bearings to make for low-friction holonomic action! Equip the included 96mm diameter mecanum wheels to give the chassis a theoretical speed of over 5.14 ft/sec.

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